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Introducing Tess

Meet our Regional Program Officer for the Great Southern Health Professionals Network (GSHPN).

Having lived in the Great Southern region for the past 14 years, Tess has engaged with the local community through sport and work as a Project Officer and Contract Bookkeeper. Tess will be actively developing the network, expanding its membership and coordinating any health professional educational and networking events delivered by the GSHPN. She is also responsible for managing the GSHPN website and social platforms.

The Great Southern Health Professionals Network will bring together health professionals from all specialties to network, socialise, develop their professional skills and share referral pathways. Overall, the Great Southern Health Professionals Network aims to improve patient care, enhance education and training opportunities, and support the attraction and integration of staff living in the Great Southern.

Tess lives in Albany with her partner and sons, and when not at work enjoys swimming, hiking,  camping and hanging out at the beach.

Based in Albany at The Rural Clinic School of WA (UWA Building),  Tess works Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you would like to share your thoughts and suggestions, please contact Tess by emailing or telephoning 0439 948 855.